Vixi is a fully loaded fan engagement suite of web based applications. All webapps are controlled from a single user interface for easy setup and operation.

The Vixi Suite serves as the perfect way to drive thousands of fans directly to a sponsor site where the brand can provide offers and/or collect first-party data.


Vixi Live is a transformative, patented technology that is changing the concept of audience engagement. By simply scanning a QR code, those in attendance can live stream themselves directly to a video board using just their phone.

The platform’s ability to instantly interact with fans has not only made it a must-have-fan-engagement tool for a host of the world’s most premiere live events, but it also is a solution for event advertisers due to its ability to redirect fans to a sponsored site at the end of each activation.

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Vixi Capture allows fans to snap an image and upload directly to an event’s control room, which enables event hosts to efficiently gather and sort through a collection of photos with the option to tag their favorites for easy search.

Using just a URL or QR code, fans can easily access the Vixi Capture portal and submit their picture to the event. After gathering content, event hosts can then feature the photos on the video board in the form of a featured spotlight, contest, game, or other segments planned throughout the show.

Images can be transformed into Photo Magic, Groov’ Animation, be combined with Messages or displayed in a custom Mosaic, fun Cutouts or an 3D Unreal environment.

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Vixi Stream allows event hosts to break the barriers of traditional broadcasts.

Traditional RF cameras are reliant upon being within range of antennas placed throughout the building and can lose signal in certain areas.

Great use cases include: a mascot cam; live footage from a local bar or tailgate; locker room footage and more…
Vixi Stream takes the camera operator beyond these boundaries and allows the operator to live stream in places where it was not previously possible.

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Our patented Vixi software integrates social media with broadcast-quality 3D graphics for sporting events, concerts and experiential marketing in partnership with Tagboard. Vixi Unreal uses real-time rendered, high-end 3D graphics to create socially driven programming as dynamic as the live event. Beyond the visuals, Vixi’s next- gen brand integration creates new sponsorship revenue opportunities. Graphics are built in partnership with Epic Games leveraging the revolutionary Unreal Engine platform.

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